Exoplanet Modeling and Analysis Center


The full tool is only accessible on laptop and desktop screens.


ExoVista data files can be accessed via browser at https://tools.emac.gsfc.nasa.gov/exovista/.
Individual files can be downloaded from this site. However, downloading specific files based on the properties of the system, or the entire set of files, is difficult.
Here we describe how to search the files based on the stellar and planetary system parameters, then download either a subset of the files or the entire set.

First, retrieve the file "target_database.csv" from the desired exoVista universe. This can be done either using the browser link above (we recommend sorting by file name in reverse from Z->A), or by using the unix command wget as follows:
wget https://ckan-files.emac.gsfc.nasa.gov/exovista/DATASET/#/FILENAME
where "#" is an integer identifying the universe within the data set defined as "DATASET."
For example, to download "target_database.csv" from the first universe in the "DEC21" data set, we call:
wget https://ckan-files.emac.gsfc.nasa.gov/exovista/DEC21/1/target_database.csv

The second-to-last column in target_database.csv is a list of .fits filenames for every star in that universe.
The last column is a list of URLs that can be used to retrieve the file(s).
Users can search the target_database.csv to select planetary systems that match certain criteria, then export the appropriate URLs (last column) to a .txt file, with one URL per file line.
This .txt file can then be used with wget to retrieve the desired .fits files.

For example, if we create the text file "exovista_file_URLs.txt" with the following contents:

we can then call wget in the following manner:

wget --input exovista_file_URLs.txt

and wget will download the .fits files for HIP 57, HIP 169, HIP 171, HIP 263, and HIP 400 one at a time from the 1st universe instance in the DEC21 data set.