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Tool Information

This tool allows the user to load pre-computed 1D atmospheric profiles for Earth-like exoplanets computed with the PyAtmos code (see Grid Details below). Select values for the pressure, temperature and composition and the tool will plot the models and provide a data file with the profiles for download.

(1.63e-6 - .13)
(.0004 - .4)
(6.4e-8 - .19)
(.01 - .8)
(.02 - .9)
CH4 CO2 H2 H2O O2 Hash

Grid Details

The PyATMOS NExSci dataset comprises ~125,000 simulated 1-D exoplanet atmospheres. All of these exoplanets are based around an Earth-like planet that orbits a star similar to the Sun, but with different gas mixtures in their atmospheres. The atmospheres were generated using the PyATMOS code. The parameter space was created by incrementally varying the concentrations of carbon dioxide, oxygen, water vapour, methane, hydrogen, and nitrogen; and for each point in the parameter space an atmosphere was simulated. Other gases with negligible concentrations, such as ozone, were not varied. The planet’s composition, orbital parameters and stellar parameters were also not varied. The grid and more information can be found here: https://exoplanetarchive.ipac.caltech.edu/cgi-bin/FDL/nph-fdl