Exoplanet Modeling and Analysis Center

Reflection Spectra for Cool Giant Planets

Tool Information

This tool allows the user to calculate reflection spectra for warm Jupiter-mass planets based on the pre-computed grid by MacDonald et al. (see Grid Info below). Select a planet gravity, metallicity, effective temperature, and sedimentation efficiency, and the tool interpolates between grid spectra to match the input parameters.


Grid Details

We present an extensive parameter space survey of the prominence of H2O in reflection spectra of cool giant planets. We explore the influence of a wide range of effective temperatures, gravities, metallicities, and sedimentation efficiencies, providing a grid of >50,000 models for the community. Our models range from Teff = 150 → 400 K, log(g) = 2.0–4.0 (cgs), fsed = 1–10, and log(m) = 0.0–2.0 ́ solar. We discretize this parameter space into intervals of ΔTeff = 10 K, Δlog(g) = 0.1 dex, Δfsed = 1, and Δlog(m) = 0.5 dex, generating reflection spectra both with and without H2O opacity.